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GAE Prerelease SDK 1.4.0 is out!

November 19th, 2010 发表评论 阅读评论

Google App Engine prerelease SDK 1.4.0 is out! You can get it from the Google Code project:


We're still working on the docs and will have them ready for the final
release, so if there are any questions about how to use the new features,
feel free to ask on this thread and I'll do my best to clarify them. The
release notes are below. This is an EXCITING release:

- The Always On feature allows applications to pay and keep 3 instances of
  application always running, which can significantly reduce application
- Developers can now enable Warmup Requests. By specifying  a handler in an
  app's app.yaml, App Engine will attempt to to send a Warmup Request to
  initialize new instances before a user interacts with it. This can reduce
  latency an end-user sees for initializing your application.
- The Channel API is now available for all users.
- Task Queue has been officially released, and is no longer an experimental
  feature. The API import paths that use 'labs' have been deprecated. Task
  storage will count towards an application's overall storage quota, and
  thus be charged for.
- The deadline for Task Queue and Cron requests has been raised to 10
  Datastore and API deadlines within those requests remain unchanged.
- For the Task Queue, developers can specify task retry_parameters in their
- Metadata Queries on the datastore for datastore kinds, namespaces, and
  properties are available.
- URLFetch allowed response size has been increased, up to 32 MB. Request
  is still limited to 1 MB.
- The Admin Console Blacklist page lists the top blacklist rejected
- The automatic image thumbnailing service supports arbitrary crop sizes up
- Overall average instance latency in the Admin Console is now a weighted
  average over QPS per instance.
- The developer who uploaded an app version can download that version's code
  using the appcfg.py download_app command. This feature can be disabled on
  a per application basis in the admin console, under the 'Permissions' tab.
  Once disabled, code download for the application CANNOT be re-enabled.
- Fixed an issue where custom Admin Console pages did not work for Google
  Apps for your Domain users.
- Allow Django initialization to be moved to appengine_config.py to avoid
  Django version conflicts when mixing webapp.template with pure Django.
- Fixed an issue in the dev_appserver where get_serving_url did not work
  for transparent, cropped PNGs:
- Fixed an issue with the DatastoreFileStub.

As usual, we value your feedback, so don't hesitate to evaluate these SDKs
and let us know. Be mindful that the server-side components have not been
deployed yet, so uploaded code shouldn't work

Happy coding!


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